Welcome Students! 

Getting Credit

If your instructor has assigned the Garland Science Learning System, please access the learning resources for your course from the unique URL address provided by the instructorIf you are unsure whether your instructor is using the Garland Science Learning System, ask first.  If you access the system from this page, you will not be connected to a specific course at your school, and you will not receive credit for your work.  

Independent Learners

If you are studying independently or are 100% sure that your instructor is not using the Garland Science Learning System, you've come to the right place to access the system for the first time.  To access the resources for a particular book or subject area:

  1. Click on the image of the book below;
  2. Enroll in the Garland Science Learning System for that book;  
  3. Enter the scratch-off code from the book or pay when prompted.

Please note that the Garland Science Learning System offers different activities for each book, and is not a textbook replacement.  While the system is designed to correlate with the content of each book, it can also be used with other books in these subject areas.  The specific content available for each product is listed below.



  • 72 Assessment Modules with over 1,300 questions in total.
  • 20 Movie Modules with over 130 animations, videos, and molecular models.
  • 10 Movie Assessments
  • 23 Cell Explorer Modules